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Table 1 Schedule of assessments in the VISIONARY study

From: inVestIgating the pSychologIcal and ecONomic impAct of cataRact surgerY in Vietnam: The VISIONARY observational study protocol

Participant assessment Baseline 6 months 12 months
Full name   
Date of birth   
Contact information   
Next of kin   
Demographic characteristics
Marital status   
Type of insurance
Household head relationship   
Household composition   
Main lifetime occupation   
Time spent doing paid work
Time spent doing unpaid work
Impact of eyesight on ability to work
Return to work (paid/unpaid)  
Income support
Household economic situation
Annual income
Main source of income
Estimated value of assets (non-livestock and live-stock)
Asset ownership
Financial assistance
Medical information
Visual acuity (in both eyes)
Cataract location
Year of onset of visual impairment   
Impact on family carer
Complications from cataract surgery  
Visual acuity (in both eyes)
Health service use
Date assessed for cataract surgery   
Date of cataract surgery   
Type of cataract surgery referral   
Type of health service use and number of visits
Out-of-pocket spending
Intention to have cataract surgery
Post-surgery complications  
Quality of life
Health related quality of life - SF 12v2 [10]
Household economic hardship
Financial stress
Use of financial coping strategies
Impact of illness on household income
Subjective perception of household economic situation
Mood (psychological impact)
Self-reporting questionnaire (Vietnamese version) [11]
Screening and interview information
Location where consent was obtained   
Interview location
Date of interview