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Table 3 Comparison of parameter change with age in a 30 year old subject versus a 60 year old subject

From: Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell function in relation to age: A pupillometric study in humans with special reference to the age-related optic properties of the lens

Parameter Intensity cd/m2 30 yrs. 60 yrs. %Change with age
Lens transmission   0.78 0.48↓ –38
Baseline pupil, mm   8.20 6.70↓ –18
Max. CA, % 300 53 56↑ 4
Sust. CA, % 300 51 54↑ 7
AUC early post. 300 2.6 3.1↑ 17
  1. CA, contraction amplitude; AUC, area under the curve.
  2. Lens transmission. As age doubles, blue light transmission decreases by appr.40% and dark adapted baseline pupil diameter decreases by appr.20%. Pupil response parameters. An increased response was observed with increased age especially for early poststimulus AUC.
  3. For abbreviations and definitions of parameters, see Table 1 and Methods.