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Table 3 Selected comments by respondents

From: Survey of policy for MRSA screening in English cataract surgical units and changes to practice after updated National guidelines

  Selected comments
1 Reasons for not screening:
  ”microbiology says it costs too much”, “swabs were not being followed up and GP doesn’t always treat”, “we rely on swabs from previous admissions, which if positive, result in a patient being placed at the end of the operating list”
2 The reason given for not screening anymore in 2007:
  ”we had a new policy given by infection control”
3 The reason given why policy changed to start screening in 2007:
  ”new infection control policy to screen all elective surgeries. We did this for 3 months but microbiology then stated that for cataract surgery it should be limited to high risk patients”
4 Unit that did not screen for MRSA, despite having a case of MRSA endophthalmitis:
  ”it was a community-acquired strain”
5 Change in swab sites:
  ”swabbing the groin was no longer appropriate in an eye clinic, and were told the nose is sufficient now”