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Table 1 Characteristics and clinical data of 3 patients with CaHA filler injection

From: Partial vision recovery after iatrogenic retinal artery occlusion

Case Age (yr) Sex Eye Injection site Diagnosis Associated ocular symptoms Visit/Therapy interval Treatment Initial BCVA Outcome Follow - up
EAGLE 6-step therapy Adjunctive treatment Final BCVA Other ocular symptoms
Sung MS, 2010 [2] 25 M Right glabella PCAO, anterior segment ischemia Dilated pupil, exotropia, ophthalmoplegia, hyphema, hypopyon, cornea edema, Ptosis Immediately One-step Topical and systemic abx HM 1.0 Resolved anterior segment inflammation 3M
Kim YJ 2013 [9] 30 M Bilateral glabella Ophthalmic artery occlusion Dilated pupil, total ophthalmoplegia, ptosis NA NA NA NLP NLP NA NA
Current study 33 F Bilateral glabella Retinal artery occlusion Dilated pupil, RAPD, conjunctival injection Immediately Five-step Carbogen, HBOT, OD : 20/20 OS : HM OD : 20/20 OS : 0.1 Recovery of choroidal and retinal circulation in the left eye 3M
  1. abx = antibiotics; BCVA = best corrected visual acuity; EAGLE = European Assessment Group for Lysis in the EYE study; F = female; HBOT = hyperbaric oxygen therapy; HM = hand motion; M = male; NA = not available; NLP = negative light perception; PCAO = posterior ciliary artery occlusion; RAPD = relative afferent pupillary defect; yr = years.