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Table 2 Perception of stereo post-near correction*

From: Presbyopia: a pilot investigation of the barriers and benefits of near visual acuity correction among a rural Filipino population

   Stereoacuity post-near correction
  No stereo perception pre-or post-correction Decline in arc-seconds of resolution No improvement in arc-seconds of resolutiona Improvement in some tasksb Improvement in arc-seconds of resolution
Total participants (n = 140) 10 (7%) 16 (11%) 36 (26%) 99 (71%) 88 (63%)
  1. *n (%); percentages were determined with regards to the total participants from which stereoacuity data was collected.
  2. aIncludes those who did not perceive stereo pre- or post-near correction.
  3. bIncludes a portion of those who had a decline in overall arc-seconds of resolution but showed improvement on some tasks but not others.