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Table 1 Phacoemulsification systems tested

From: Comparison of occlusion break responses and vacuum rise times of phacoemulsification systems

Phacoemulsification system Fluidics Consumables Occlusion break Vacuum rise
Centurion Active*; 40 (54), 50 (68), 55 (78), 65 (88.4) Active Fluidics packs, P1423726 X X
Centurion Gravity; 90 cm H2O Gravity packs, P1423727H X X
Infiniti Gravity; 90 cm H2O Intrepid Plus gravity packs X X
WhiteStar Signature Gravity; 90 cm H2O OPO70 tubing packs X X
Stellaris Gravity; 90 cm H2O BL5111 venturi packs - X
  1. X = tested.
  2. *Active Fluidics settings reflect target intraoperative pressure (IOP) and are presented as IOP setting, mmHg (equivalent bottle height, cm H2O).
  3. Occlusion break surge was assessed using 6 fluidics packs per system, including tubing and cassettes, tested in triplicate. Vacuum rise was assessed using a minimum of 3 fluidics packs per system.
  4. IOP target of 65 mmHg only.