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Figure 6

From: Lens epithelial cell apoptosis and intracellular Ca2+increase in the presence of xanthurenic acid

Figure 6

Staining of the mitochondria (Mito-Tracker Red CMXRos), nucleus (Hoechst) and cell membranes (DiOC18) in HuLEC grown in the presence of xanthurenic acid for 96 hours: (A-C), control cells: (A) mitochondria, (B) nucleus, (C) membranes; (D-F) with 10 μM xanthurenic acid: (D) mitochondria, (E) membranes, (F) merge of D, E, and nucleus stained by Hoechst; (G-I) with 20 μM xanthurenic acid: (G) mitochondria, (H) merge of (G) and Hoechst staining, (I) membranes

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