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Table 2 Autoantibody specificity in patients with retinopathy and systemic cancer

From: Autoantibodies against retinal proteins in paraneoplastic and autoimmune retinopathy

# Sex Age Cancer Antibody Specificity
P403 F 62 Endometrium Ca Recoverin [29]; see Fig. 3
P626 F 73 Endometrium Ca Recoverin
P593 F 46 Cervical Ca Enolase
P587 F 81 Ovarian Ca p35, p39, p46, p58
P405 M 62 SCCL Recoverin
P407 M ?? SCCL Recoverin
P409 M 64 SCCL Recoverin; see Fig. 3
P536 F 75 SCCL Recoverin
P619 M 85 SCCL Recoverin
P634 M 84 Benign lung tumor Recoverin
P622 M 68 Lung adenocarcinoma p35
P402 M 84 Colon Ca Recoverin
P692 M 58 Colon p35
P559 F 52 Colon Ca Bipolar cells [13]
P624 F 47 Colon Ca, skin Ca p41
P596 M 66 Bladder Ca Enolase
P568 M 78 Skin melanoma Enolase
P578 F 44 Skin melanoma Enolase
P474 F 35 Skin melanoma Enolase
P618 F 35 Skin melanoma p35=transducin β [14]
P566 M 59 Skin melanoma p35
P614 M 45 Skin melanoma p40
P570 M 70 Squamous cell Ca of the skin Recoverin
P462 F 65 Breast Ca primary, Recurrent Breast Ca Enolase
P488 F 85 Breast Ca Enolase
P529 F 58 Breast Ca Enolase
P726 F 74 Breast Ca Enolase
P718 F 64 Breast Ca in situ Recoverin; see Fig. 3
P547 M 49 Kidney Ca p60
P711 M 64 Tongue Ca, lung sarcoidosis p58
P561 F 55 Cutaneous B-cell Lymphoma Enolase
P651 F 81 Adenocarcinoma of unknown primary discovered in a femoral lymph node Arrestin
P708 F 73 Metastatic adenocarcinoma spread to liver of unknown primary p60
P717 F 75 Metastatic Ca spread to head of unknown primary Enolase
  1. SCCL – small-cell carcinoma of the lung; Ca – carcinoma