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Figure 10

From: A technique to train new oculomotor behavior in patients with central macular scotomas during reading related tasks using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy: immediate functional benefits and gains retention

Figure 10

Evolution of paragraphed text reading performance over the training process. This figure shows the percentage of words correctly read at the first attempt in paragraphed text before, immediately after, and three months following SLO training. Percentage is plotted for each character size – from the largest size presented (1.5 logMAR, upper graph) to the smallest readable character size (1.1 logMAR, lower graph). The percentage was assigned to zero when, after attempting to read, the subject felt unable to decipher a single word. Dashed are used when a value was assigned to zero at one of the training phases. It appears that, at the end of the training procedure, all subjects were able to read correctly about 82% or more words at first attempt at the largest character size presented. Note that, previous to SLO training, two of these subjects had demonstrated a very low percentage at that character size. The three subjects (SL, LG, AA) who, already before training, exhibited a high percentage of words correctly read, improved their ability to read smaller character sizes immediately following SLO training. Finally, it should be emphasized that gains observed at the end of training period were often not retained three months later.

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