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Figure 6

From: A technique to train new oculomotor behavior in patients with central macular scotomas during reading related tasks using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy: immediate functional benefits and gains retention

Figure 6

The development, with SLO training, of combined use of the initial PRL and examiner's selected TRL for reading paragraphed text – before and immediately after training. This figure shows, as seen on SLO images, two uninterrupted sequences of eye movements while reading lines of paragraphed text presented in 1.4 logMAR. Recordings were obtained for subject LG (A) before SLO training and (B) immediately after SLO training. Vertical arrows indicate the retinal area presumably being employed for fixation. The line being read is shown darker than the other lines. Note that previous to SLO training, the subject exhibited restricted eye movements. Immediately following SLO training, the subject used consistently the examiner's selected TRL () in combination with the initial PRL () and/or with a newly self-selected PRL (). Note that on the SLO image, the text begins at the lower left side of the figure and ends in the upper right corner. An upside down inversion of positions allows the text and the reading strategies to be viewed normally.

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