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Table 1 Points allocated to each risk factor using Habib's potential difficulty score system.

From: The use of a pre-operative scoring system for the prediction of phacoemulsification case difficulty and the selection of appropriate cases to be performed by trainees

Risk factor Points allocated
Unable to lie flat (spinal deformity, asthma, heart failure) 1
Severe anxiety 1
Head tremor 1
Previous angle closure glaucoma 1
History of complication in fellow eye 1
Previous vitrectomy 1
Corneal scarring/cloudiness 1
Shallow anterior chamber 1
Poor pupillary dilation and/or posterior synechiae 1
Pseudoexfoliation 1
Phacodonesis/weak zonules 1
High myopia (axial length >27 mm) 1
High hypermetropia (axial length <20 mm) 1
Nuclear density grade 1–2 1
Nuclear density grade 3 2
Mature/brunescent/white/dense/total cataract 3