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Figure 1

From: Rapidly evolving conjunctivitis due to Pasteurella multocida, occurring after direct inoculation with animal droplets in an immuno-compromised host

Figure 1

Clinical evolution and results of bacteriological analysis of our patient. A: Inflammatory oedema of both upper and lower lids with purulent encystment below the right eye, 33 hours after inoculation. The patient is unable to open his right eye. B: Computerized tomography scan with intravenous injection of contrast medium evidencing the absence of intra-orbital extension. White arrow shows pre septal inflammatory oedema. C: Gram staining of conjunctival samples evidencing gram-negative bacilli. D: Regular, smooth, grey, non hemolytic colonies cultured on blood agar. E: Positive oxydase test with dark blue coloration of the reagent inoculated with previously observed colonies. A negative result (e.g Enterobacteriaceae) would have been associated with the absence of coloration of the reagent. F: API-20E array results. G: Regression of inflammatory oedema of both upper and lower lids after 3 days of antibiotherapy associating amoxicillin 2 g tid and amoxicillin/clavulanate 2 g tid.

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