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Figure 1

From: Objective assessment of symptomatic vitreous floaters using optical coherence tomography: a case report

Figure 1

Objective assessment of a free-floating pigmented vitreous cyst. (a) Color fundus photograph of the left eye demonstrating a free-floating semi-translucent vitreous cyst with a pigmented surface. (b) B-scan ultrasound depicts a hyperechogenic 4.31 mm cyst. (c) Patient’s sketch of her ring-like floater. (d) En face macular OCT obscured by the cyst. (e) OCT through the cyst reconstructed in 3D demonstrates an oval shadow (arrows) cast behind the spherical cyst (arrowheads). (f) Macular cube OCT reconstructed in 3D with the retinal layers removed reveals a spherical shadow cast on the macula. (g) Cross-sectional OCT demonstrating a shadow on either side of the fovea.

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