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Figure 3

From: Femtosecond laser-assisted anterior lamellar keratoplasty for the treatment of stromal corneal pathology

Figure 3

Preoperatively and postoperatively slit lamp photographs of a patient with posttraumatic corneal scar and the surgery procedure. A: Represented the slit lamp photographs for the patient with posttraumatic corneal scar and neovascularization preoperatively. B: lift the separated recipient corneal tissue after the treatment with femtosecond laser. C: Depth of the residual corneal scaring measured with ultrasound corneal pachymetry before phototherapeutic keratectomy. D: Place donor corneal tissue over the recipient corneal stromal bed. E: Represented the corneal graft with continuous sutures 5 days after femtosecond laser-assisted deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. F: The cornea with removed sutured at 1.25 months after surgery.

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