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Figure 1

From: Full thickness macular hole case after intravitreal aflibercept treatment

Figure 1

Macular findings before treatment. A 94-year-old man was treated with intravitreal aflibercept injection. At baseline, the best-corrected visual acuity was 1.7 log MAR. (A) Color fundus photograph shows subretinal hemorrhage, serous retinal detachment (SRD), and pigment epithelial detachment (PED). (B) Fluorescein angiography image showing leakage due to occult CNV and staining due to vascularized PED, and hyperfluorescence due to RPE tear. (C) Indocyanine green angiography image shows no underlying polypoidal lesion. (D) Optical coherence tomography (OCT) image showing PED and SRD.

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