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Table 1 Input parameters for the base case cost analysis of Mydriasert compared to eye drops for mydriasis during cataract surgery at a London hospital from 2012-2013

From: Mydriasert pupillary dilation for cataract surgery: an economic and clinical study

Inputs Cost/Value
Drug prices  
Mydriasert £4.20
Mydriatic drops (cost per vial)a  
Tropicamide (1 %) £0.47
Phenylephrine (10 %) £0.49
Resource utilisation and costs  
Surgical consultant cost per minute £2.45
Nurse cost per minute £0.70
Mydriasert: number of instillations 1
Eye drops: number of instillations 4
Time to instil Mydriasert 1.5 minutes
Time to instil eye drops 2 minutes
Percentage of Mydriasert inserts that extrude 2.6 %
  1. The majority of input parameters were obtained from the current clinical study or insights from clinician interviews with the exception of drug prices from the British National Formulary (2013)8 and surgical consultant and nurse costs obtained from the Personal Social Services Research Unit (2012) 10. a For eye drops it was assumed one vial was used per patient