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Fig. 1

From: Protective effect of 14-3-3 antibodies on stressed neuroretinal cells via the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway

Fig. 1

Experimental setup for RGC-5 cells incubated with 14-3-3 ab. The cells were seeded in 24 well plates and were let to rest for 24 h. Then antibody preincubation of the cells with different antibody concentrations was performed for 3 h. The control cells not incubated with the antibody were incubated with normal medium for the same amount of time. After 3 h the medium containing the antibodies or the control medium was replaced with medium containing one of the stress factors (glutamate, staurosporine or H2O2). Depending on the stress factor, the incubation time varied. After stressing the cells, viability tests with crystal violet staining was performed with all cells, and ROS level measurements were performed in the cells stressed with H2O2

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