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Fig. 2

From: Protective effect of 14-3-3 antibodies on stressed neuroretinal cells via the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway

Fig. 2

Changes of proteins in RGC-5 cells incubated with POAG serum versus healthy serum. Proteomic measurements of the pooled samples of the cells incubated with POAG serum or healthy serum were performed. Each pooled sample contained protein from each of the 8 samples of either the POAG or the healthy group. After identification of the proteins a quantification of the proteins of the cells incubated with POAG serum in comparison to healthy serum was performed. The graph shows the changes in %. The most up-regulated protein in the cells incubated with POAG serum was 14-3-3 eta. But also proteins such as Calmodulin (CALM) or zink-finger protein (CNBP) were significantly differently regulated. Proteins up- or down-regulated more than 2 fold (100 %) were considered to be statistically significant

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