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Fig. 4

From: Protective effect of 14-3-3 antibodies on stressed neuroretinal cells via the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway

Fig. 4

Viability of glutamate and staurosporine stressed RGC-5 upon 14-3-3 sigma antibody treatment. RGC-5 were preincubated with different 14-3-3 antibody concentrations and additionally stressed with 20 mM glutamate for 24 h, or 1.5 μM stauorsporine for 5 h. Cell viability was determined using crystal violet and expressed as percent of the control cells + the stress factor (glutamate or staurosporine) (* = p < 0.05; **p < 0.01). N in each experimental group is 4. a: Increased highly significant and significant cell viability of up to 7 % was demonstrated after the cells were preincubated with 0.5, 1 μg/ml 14-3-3 sigma antibodies and additionally stressed with staurosporine. b: Increased cell viability in a range of 0.05-5 μg/ml 14-3-3 antibodies were obtained after the cells were stressed with glutamate, whereby the result of 0.5 μg/ml is highly significant and of 1.5 μg/ml is significant. We were able to detect an increase of viability of up to 12 %

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