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Fig. 1

From: Modified technique for transscleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lenses

Fig. 1

Schematic procedures of modified technique for PCIOL fixation. a Two 3 mm limbus-parallel half-thickness scleral incisions were made directly opposite each other, at 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock, 1.5 mm behind the limbus. b Two 3 mm × 4 mm scleral pockets were created with a blade to extend the incision bed posteriorly. c A straight needle attached to a 10–0 polypropylene suture was passed through the bed of laminar scleral incision at 2 o’clock. A 27-Gauge hollow needle passed through the opposite sclera incision bed at 8 o’clock was used to retrieve the straight fine needle via its barrel. d A superior corneoscleral incision was made. The suture loop was retrieved through the superior limbal wound. e The loop was cut and the ends were tied to the haptics of the IOL respectively. f A PCIOL was inserted into posterior chamber through the superior incision, and placed in the ciliary sulcus followed by pulling the sutures to center the optics. The superior corneoscleral wound was closed. The sutures were tied to themselves after one more bite on the scleral bed. The suture ends were left long (4 mm) and laid flat into the scleral pockets

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