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Table 1 main clinical features, locations of the involvements, imaging manifestation, and therapeutic data of the cases

From: A retrospective analysis of eleven cases of invasive rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis presented with orbital apex syndrome initially

Cases 11
Mean age (range) 53.7 (45–60)
Gender(F/M) 3/8
Accompanying disease  
 Diabetes mellitus 9
 Renal transplant 1
 Trauma 1
Locations of the involvements  
 Rhinocerebral 11
 Sino-orbital 0
 Rhino-orbital-cerebral 11
Clinical involvement  
 Orbital apex syndrome 11
Imaging manifestation(CT/MRI)  
 Thickening in sinus Mucosa 11
 Inflammation in the periorbital muscles 11
 Involvement of the cavernous sinus 4
 Occlusion of the internal carotid artery 2
 Sings of cerebral infarct 2
Rhinoscopy 11
 Surgical debridement 8
 Amphotericin B. 11
 Survive with sequeale 3
 Death 8