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Table 7 Structured interview questions

From: Readability of patient education materials in ophthalmology: a single-institution study and systematic review

General Evaluation of the Handouts
 • Is this handout helpful?
 • What catches your eye?
 • Who do you think this handout is for?
 • What do you think about the handouts?
 • What do you like about the handouts?
 • What would you want to change about the handouts?
 • Is there information that you don’t need?
 • Is there anything that you don’t like?
 • Which handout is the best? Why?
 • Which handout is the worst? Why?
 • Tell me in your own words what this is trying to say.
 • Do you see any words that you think some people might have a hard time understanding?
 • Is anything confusing?
Past Experiences with Patient Education Handouts
 • Do you get handouts like these from your doctor?
 • Do you like educational handouts?
 • Do you usually read them?
 • Do you save them to reference later?
 • What information do you like to see in handouts?
 • What don’t you like about patient education handouts?
 • What would you like to see in a picture?
 • Would a picture be helpful?
 • What are your thoughts on having a video to go along with the handouts?