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Fig. 2

From: Case report of an atypical early onset X-linked retinoschisis in monozygotic twins

Fig. 2

The OCT scans (a,b) show a macular schisis involving different retinal layers (inner nuclear, outer plexiform and outer nuclear layer) which extends beyond the foveal area, in the right and left eye of twin-B; The ERG plot (c,d) shows an absent b-wave and a nearly normal a-wave (negative ERG). c right and left eye of twin-A with b/a wave ratio 0,49 and 0,89 respectively; d right and left eye of twin B with b/a wave ratio 0,07 and 0,02 respectively. The background luminance is 30 Cd/m2; Flash strength 3.000 Cds/m2; flash frequency 30.00 (Hz)

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