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Fig. 2

From: Multi-modality imaging findings of huge intrachoroidal cavitation and myopic peripapillary sinkhole

Fig. 2

The OCT profiles of the peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation and sinkhole. a The location of the peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation (red dots), sinkhole (blue dots), and tilted ONH. b The small cleft in the retinal tissue on the nasal side of the sinkhole, with the discontinued RPE and deformed anterior lamina cribosa. c The small intrachoroidal cavity on the nasal border of the peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation. d The entire peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation inserted beneath the ONH. e The intracavitary septum was observed near the sinkhole. f The RPE was discontinuous and the inner retina was collapsed temporal to the sinkhole also with the deformed anterior lamina cribosa. g A complete view of the sinkhole, peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation, discontinuity of the retinal layers over the pit-like defect with herniation of retinal tissue through which communication between the choroidal cavity and subretinal space was seen. h The peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation coalesced with the ONH with the deformed anterior lamina cribosa. (ONH, optic nerve head; OCT, optical coherence tomography; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium)

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