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Table 1 Main characteristics of the studies included in this meta-analysis

From: Antidepressants use and risk of cataract development: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author Year Region Design Drug type No. of cases No. of controls Exposure measurement Outcome ascertainment NOS Matched or adjusted variables
Becker et al. 2017 United Kingdom Case-control SSRI, TCA, SNRI, and MAOI 206,931 206,931 Computer records (CPRD) Computer records (CPRD) 8 Calendar time (same index date), age, sex, general practice, and number of years of active history in the CPRD before the index date, BMI, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, and systemic steroids
Chou et al. 2017 Taiwan Nested case-control SSRI, TCA, and SNRI 7651 6637 Computer records (NHIRD) Computer records (NHIRD) 8 Age, sex, index date, patient’s demographics, mental illness characteristics, propensity score derived from comorbid conditions, and concomitant medications
Erie et al. 2014 United States Case-control SSRI 6024 6024 Medical records Medical records 7 Age, sex, and date of surgery
Wise et al. 2014 United States Nested case-control SSRI 45,065 450,650 Medical records (IMS LifeLink database) Medical records (IMS LifeLink database) 6 Age, time of cohort entry, and follow-up time
Pakzad-Vaezi et al. 2013 Canada Nested case-control SSRI 162,501 650,004 Medical records (British Columbia Ministry of Health) Medical records (British Columbia Ministry of Health) 6 Age, time of cohort entry, and follow-up time
Etminan et al. 2010 Canada Nested case-control SSRI and SNRI 18,784 187,840 Medical records Medical records 6 Age, cohort entry, gender, hypertension, antihypertensive, antidiabetics, statins, and all forms of corticosteroids
Klein et al. 2001 United States Case-control TCA 716 2305 Medical history questionnaire Diagnosed by an ophthalmologist 6 Age and gender
  1. No. number, NOS Newcastle-Ottawa Scale, y year, SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, TCA tricyclic antidepressant, SNRI serotonin noradrenalin reuptake inhibitor, MAOI monoaminoxidase inhibitor, NHIRD National Health Insurance Research Database, BMI body mass index, CPRD Clinical Practice Research Datalink