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Table 4 Correlation of measured analytes to disease duration for POAG samples

From: Uteroglobin and FLRG concentrations in aqueous humor are associated with age in primary open angle glaucoma patients

  Disease duration*
Analyte rs p-value N
CHI3L1 −0.555 0.014 19
FLRG −0.673 0.002 19
HGF −0.723 0.0007 18
MIF −0.306 0.246 15
P-selectin −0.312 0.226 15
Uteroglobin −0.377 0.123 18
  1. Correlations of normalised analyte concentrations to disease duration (*in years since commencing treatment) were determined using Spearman’s rank correlation. Following correction for multiple testing using Bonferroni’s method, a p-value of < 0.0017 was considered significant (highlighted in bold). rs: Spearman correlation coefficient. N: number of correlation pairs