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Fig. 1

From: Development of macular retinoschisis long after the onset of retinal arterial occlusion (RAO): a retrospective study

Fig. 1

A case of BRAO with retinoschisis. a Fundus photograph at the first visit. b Macular OCT image 1 month after the patient’s first visit. The patient’s VA was 20/25, and hyper-reflectivity of the inner retina was observed. The outer nuclear layer and Henle’s layer were detached. c 9 months: Retinoschisis and thinning of the inner retina were observed. The VA was 20/25. d 13 months: Retinoschisis had spread and involved the fovea. The VA had dropped to 20/40. e 15 months: Retinoschisis was widespread. The VA was 20/40. f 16 months: The VA was unchanged

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