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Fig. 2

From: Development of macular retinoschisis long after the onset of retinal arterial occlusion (RAO): a retrospective study

Fig. 2

A case of CRAO, with macular change including a small cystoid. a Fundus photograph and macular OCT image at the first visit. The VA was 30 cm according to the finger-counting method. A small cystoid was observed in macular OCT 3 weeks after onset. b 11 months: Retinoschisis developed following the macular change including a small cystoid. The VA was 20/1000. c 18 months: Retinoschisis had spread. The VA was unchanged. d 19 months: Retinoschisis had decreased. The VA was unchanged (20/1000). e 22 months: Retinoschisis was resolved, but the VA was not improved. This figure was previously published in Ganka Rinsho Kiyo [18]. Ganka Rinsho Kiyo-kai granted permission

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