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Table 1 Summary of cases of Descemet’s membrane detachment after ocular chemical injuries in literature and our study

From: Tractional Descemet’s membrane detachment after ocular alkali burns: case reports and review of literature

Article Yuen HK 2004 Zhang B 2012 Najjar DM 2004 Najjar DM 2004 Hua MT 2010 Case 1 in our report Case 2 in our report
Age 40 19 49 45 26 44 28
Gender Male Male Male Female Male Male Male
Chemical hydrogen peroxide sodium cyanide sodium hydroxide unknown ammonia sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide
Onset 3 days 4 days 4 months 4 months 2 months 6 weeks 5 weeks
Location inferior Extensive inferior inferior Inferior inferonasal inferior
Exam Slit lamp UBM Slit lamp Slit lamp Slit lamp AS-OCT AS-OCT
Initial VA HM 20/800 20/80 20/800 HM HM 20/200
Hyphema No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Management Intracameral 20% SF6 injection 1% prednisolone and 0.5% levofloxacin eye drops Intracameral 18% SF6 injection unknown Intracameral air bubble injection Intracameral 12% C3F8 Intracameral 1% prednisolone and 5% NaCl eye drops
Outcome reattached reattached unresponsive unknown unknown unresponsive unresponsive
Final VA 20/30 20/100 20/400 unknown unknown 20/50 HM
Proposed mechanism hydrogen peroxide penetrated and formed gas anterior to DM Severe cellular damage in the stroma and endothelial layer 1) an inflammatory retrocorneal membrane associated with an organizing hyphema that pulled on DM leading to its detachment.2) retrocorneal membrane develop neovascularization that rupture and fill the space between DM and stroma Not proposed contraction of fibrous exudates pulls on the iris and DM together to its detachment
Associated evidences gas bubble between corneal stroma and Descemet membrane. no normal keratocytes /endothelial cells could be detected by in vivo confocal microscopy a thickened, detached DM associated with a hyphema Accompanied with hyphema AS-OCT showed that the detached DM was thick and adherent to the iris. There is no hyphema
  1. VA visual acuity; HM hand movement; DM Descemet’s membrane; AS-OCT anterior segment optical coherence tomography