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Fig. 1

From: Minimal surgery achieved good visual acuity in selected patients with magnetic intravitreal foreign body and traumatic cataract

Fig. 1

Patient 6 with localized cataract. a: Anterior segment photograph revealed a paracentral self-sealing corneal penetrating wound at 8 o’clock position, iris defect and posterior synechia, and localized cataract involved the visual axis. The size of foreign body was 1.0 mm in width and 1.0 mm in length. b: A small metallic-like foreign body was identified by B-scan ultrasonography. c: A dense shadow appeared in the middle of visual field by scanning laser ophthalmoscopic image. d, e: The traumatic cataract partially resolved 5 months after removal of the foreign body. f: A slight shadow appeared in the middle of visual field. g, h: The IOL was well centered 12 months after secondary removal of traumatic cataract and implantation of IOL. i: A linear shadow caused by the corneal scar appeared in peripheral visual field

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