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Fig. 2

From: Ranibizumab injection and laser photocoagulation to treat type 1 retinopathy of prematurity after 40 weeks post menstrual age: a retrospective case series study

Fig. 2

Fundus images of an infant with Type 1 ROP who received primary IVR treatment. White arrows point to the original edge of vascular retina in temporal periphery and yellow arrows indicate the edge of vascular retina after treatment. a The left eye shows vascularization of zone II posterior at 37 PMA weeks; (b) The eye developed zone II stage 3 with plus disease at 41 weeks PMA and received primary IVR; (c) Regression of ROP and retinal vascularization are observed at 45 weeks PMA; (d) Persistence of peripheral avascularity with increased activity of peripheral vessels at 48 weeks PMA indicated further treatment; straightening of peripheral vessels is prominent. e Laser photocoagulation was applied to the peripherally-retrograding avascular zone. The anterior extent of retinal vascularization was preserved; (f) The eye showed ROP involution at 66 PMA weeks

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