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Table 1 Baseline patient characteristics

From: Adjunctive dexamethasone implant in patients with atopic dermatitis and retinal detachment undergoing vitrectomy and silicone oil tamponade: an interventional case series

Case Age decade at the time of surgery, yearsa Gender Laterality Ocular history Macular status PVR grade Pre-operative visual acuity
1 20–29 Male Right s/p CE, recurrent PVR in fellow eye On A 20/40
2 30–39 Male Left s/p CE, s/p SB Off B 20/80
3 20–29 Male Left s/p CE, s/p multiple PPV Off C-2 CF
4 30–39 Female Right s/p CE, posterior uveitis with hypotony Off A CF
5 30–39 Male Right s/p CE, recurrent PVR in fellow eye On B 20/25
6 20–29 Male Right Cataract On A 20/400
7 30–39 Male Right s/p refractive surgery, s/p CE Off C-3 HM
  1. s/p status post, PVR proliferative vitreoretinopathy, Gr grade, CE cataract extraction, SB scleral buckle, PPV pars plana vitrectomy, CF counting fingers, HM hand motion
  2. aAges were presented as age decade to preserve patients’ anonymity