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Fig. 2

From: Autophagy protects against retinal cell death in mouse model of cytomegalovirus retinitis

Fig. 2

Characterization for Atg5 mice. a Ear DNA was extracted from Atg5 mice for genotyping. b Retinas were isolated from Atg5 mice. Expression levels of LC3B were monitored. c Atg5flox/flox; Nestin-Cre mouse was smaller than Nestin-Cre; Atg5flox/+ control mouse. d Body weight (gram) of Atg5 mice was measured and comparison was analyzed. The images in (e) are 100×. +/+; Nes: Atg5+/+; Nestin-Cre; f/+; Nes: Atg5flox/+; Nestin-Cre; f/f; Nes: Atg5flox/flox; Nestin-Cre

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