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Table 1 Summary of Rosai-Dorfman disease manifesting as epibulbar masses

From: Scleritis and anterior uveitis may herald the development of an epibulbar tumor in patients with extranodal Rosai-Dorfman disease: a case report

Reference Age/Gender Eye Ophthalmic findings Extraocular involvement Treatment Recurrence
Zimmerman, 1988 [6] 13/M OS Superior epibulbar nodule (8 × 6 mm) Minimal inguinal lymphadenopathy Excision No
Tan, 2002 [7] 63/M OS Inferior epibulbar nodule (5 × 12 mm), anterior modular scleritis, anterior and posterior uveitis Post-auricular lymphadenopathy and vocal cord nodule Excision + Oral & topical steroid Yes
Albini, 2005 [8] 71/M OD Nasal side epibulbar nodule (15 × 15 mm) Nil Excision No
  51/M OS Nasal side epibulbar nodule (5 mm) Nil Excision No
Sarwal, 2008 [9] 53/F OU Superotemporal epibulbar nodule (3 × 3 mm), anterior nodular scleritis, anterior uveitis Anterior chest wall, abdominal and pelvic masses Excision + topical steroid Yes
  19/F OS Superonasal epibulbar nodule (3.25 × 3.25 mm), nodular scleritis Nil Excision No
Fernandes, 2008 [10] 19/M OD Temporal epibulbar nodule (12 × 11 mm), conjunctival injection Nil Excision Yes
Maheshwari, 2008 [11] 17/M OS Temporal epibulbar nodule (3 × 5 mm) Nil Excision + oral steroid No
De Oliveira, 2011 [3] 14/F OD Inferior epibulbar nodule (5 × 15 mm), conjunctival injection Nil Excision No
Payne, 2011 [4] 20/F OS Inferonasal epibulbar nodule (5 × 5 mm), panuveitis, subretinal exudate Pelvic mass Excision + Oral & topical steroid Yes
Shah, 2012 [12] 36/F OS Superior epibulbar nodule (12 × 20 mm), trace anterior uveitis Nil Excision + Oral & topical steroid + oral cyclosporine Yes
Choi, 2018 [2] 35/M OU Epibulbar masses, retinal detachment, and choroidal effusions Sinus, trachea, renal, subcutaneous skin lesions Cladribine, steroids, mycophenolate mofetil, rituximab, vemurafenib Yes
  54/F OU Epibulbar masses Colon lesions, peritoneum, soft tissue of chest wall Excision Unknown
  41/F OU Epibulbar masses Lung, aortic lymph nodes, pleura, skeletal (rib) Steroid Unknown
Lee, 2018 (Present case) 36/M OS Antecedent uveitis and anterior nodular scleritis, inferotemporal epibulbar mass Facial skin nodule, multiple papulonodules on bilateral cheek, ear and scalp Excision + Oral & topical steroid, methotrexate No
  1. Abbreviation: F female, M male, OD right eye, OS left eye, OU both eyes