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Table 2 Basic information of the five subjects at the start of follow-up

From: Multiple phototherapeutic keratectomy treatments in a Chinese pedigree with corneal dystrophy and an R124L mutation: a 20-year observational study

Number Sex Age Eye History of surgical treatment Baseline BCVA (LogMAR) Preoperative signs
I2 F 70 OD PKP once 1.30 All 10 eyes showed diffuse and geographic-like opacities at the level of the Bowman layer and superficial stroma under the slit lamp.
OS PKP once 1.30
II1 F 48 OD 1.00
OS 1.00
II3 F 46 OD 1.30
OS 1.00
II5 M 41 OD 1.30
OS 1.00
III1 M 25 OD 1.00
OS 1.00
  1. I2, II1, II3, II5, and III1 are serial numbers in the family tree shown in Fig. 1. BCVA = best-corrected visual acuity, F = female, M = male, PKP = penetrating keratoplasty. – denotes no history of surgical treatment