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Table 2 Study group before and after SMPLT treatment. Statistical significance of change in BCVA and morphological parameters (Wilcoxon matched-pairs test)

From: Impairment of visual acuity and retinal morphology following resolved chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

ParameterBefore SMPLTAfter SMPLTStatistical significance of change in parameters
CRT (μm)338.19308.00111.14225.19228.0033.800.000001
SRF height (μm)156.84133.5099.
CV (mm3)10.9210.601.2010.1810.100.640.000004
CRTA (μm)303.94294.0033.58282.84282.5017.960.000002
BCVA logMAR0.340.300.
  1. SMPLT subthreshold micropulse laser treatment, CRT central retinal thickness, CV cube volume, CRTA average central retinal thickness, SRF subretinal fluid, BCVA best-corrected visual acuity, SD standard deviation