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Table 4 Correlation between final retinal thickness and baseline patient characteristics (e.g., age, duration of CCSCR, CRT, CRTA, CV, and SRF height before treatment) (Spearman rank correlation coefficient)

From: Impairment of visual acuity and retinal morphology following resolved chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

Baseline parameterNSpearmant (N-2)p
Age32− 0.17− 0.940.3537
Duration of CSCR32−0.27−1.510.1415
SRF height320.281.580.1243
BCVA logMAR32−0.15−0.820.4174
  1. CRT central retinal thickness, CV cube volume, CRTA average central retinal thickness, SRF subretinal fluid, BCVA best-corrected visual acuity