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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Long-term outcome of scleral-fixated intraocular lens implantation without conjunctival peritomies and sclerotomy in ocular trauma patients

No. of eyes (patients)69 (69)
Eyes, n (%)
 Right33 (47.8%)
 Left36 (52.2%)
Gender, n (%)
 Female17 (24.6%)
 Male52 (75.4%)
 Mean ± SD44 ± 20
Preexist lens conditions, n (%)
 Traumatic lens dislocation with retinal detachment40 (58.0%)
 Traumatic lens dislocation with vitreous hemorrhage22 (31.9%)
 Traumatic dislocation of IOLs with vitreous hemorrhage7 (10.1%)
Type of ocular trauma, n (%)
 Open-globe injury31 (45.0%)
Closed-globe injury38 (55.0%)
Follow up, months
 Mean ± SD34 ± 23
Surgical procedures, n (%)
 Primary implantation29 (42.0%)
 Secondary implantation40 (58.0%)
Ocular comorbidity, n
 High myopia3
 Concomitant strabismus1
IOL intraocular lens