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Fig. 2

From: Therapeutic effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide on form-deprived amblyopic kittens

Fig. 2

PVEP curves of each group of kittens. Figure legend: At 6 weeks of age, P100 in the (b) right eye of the deprivation group was compared with the (c) contralateral eye and the (a) right eye of the control group, the latency was prolonged and the amplitude decreased. At the age of 9 weeks, P100 of (e) VIP intervention group was compared with that of (f) Sefsol intervention group and (g) amblyopia non-intervention group, the latency was shortened and the amplitude was increased. The latency of P100 in VIP intervention group was still longer than that in (d) normal control group, and the amplitude was still lower

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