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Table 1 Seidel refraction and Seidel aberrations coefficients with and without the horizontal slit, and the amount of change in the setting of an analysis pupil diameter of 6 mm and a slit size of 2 mm

From: Eyelid squinting improves near vision in against-the-rule and distance vision in with-the-rule astigmatism in pseudophakic eyes: an eye model experimental study

 Emmetropia− 1.50 D WTR− 3.00 D WTR− 1.50 D ATR− 3.00 D ATR
No slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChange
Spherical (D)−−−0.310.460.77−0.29−0.74−0.45−0.25−0.60−0.35
Cylindrical (D) −0.06−0.47−0.41− 1.44−3.55−2.11−2.88−3.99−1.11− 1.48−0.151.33− 2.85− 2.030.82
SEQ (D)−0.14− 0.100.05−1.00−0.570.44−1.75−1.540.22−1.03−0.820.22−1.68−1.620.06
Focus (μm)−0.490.611.10−1.255.446.69−1.372.063.43−1.32−3.33−2.01−1.14−2.71−1.57
Astigmatism (μm)−0.70−2.11−1.41−6.49−15.96−9.47−12.95−17.94−4.99−6.66−0.695.97−12.81−9.153.66
HOA (μm)
TA (μm)0.320.30−0.021.830.59−1.243.511.16−2.351.852.210.363.413.910.50
TA at 67 cm (μm)         1.820.62−1.202.732.14−0.59
TA at 33 cm (μm)         3.431.97−1.463.590.57−3.02
  1. D = diopter; WTR = with-the-rule; ATR = against-the-rule; SEQ = spherical equivalent; HOA = high-order aberrations; TA = total aberrations
  2. Cylinder axis is WTR in emmetropia, − 1.50 D WTR, and − 3.00 D WTR astigmatism and is ATR in − 1.50 D ATR and − 3.00 D ATR astigmatism