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Table 5 Results of correlation analysis performed between corneal morphological features and general characteristics and laboratory data of diabetic patients

From: The findings of corneal specular microscopy in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus

 Diabetes durationHgb A1cCreatinineUrine albumin-creatinine ratio
Endothelial Cell Density (cells/m2)−0.1110.028−0.2110.033−0.0630.21−0.1220.041
Average cell size (μm2)0.1410.0050.3310.0110.0880.0830.1110.029
Coefficient of Variation (%)0.0940.0440.0970.0430.0420.4610.1210.017
Hexagonal cell ratio (%)−0.0580.093−0.0560.072−0.0120.552−0.0340.198