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Table 3 Validating set: differences between the areas under the ROC curves (Hanley-MacNeil method)

From: Diagnostic capability of a linear discriminant function applied to a novel Spectralis OCT glaucoma-detection protocol

 LDFpRNFL glaucoma globalBMO–MRW globalpRNFL 3.5 globalpRNFL 4.1 globalpRNFL 4.7 global
pRNFL glaucoma global0.988____    
BMO–MRW global0.4710.445____   
pRNFL 3.5 global0.3900.1570.981____  
pRNFL 4.1 global0.2000.0260.6990.227____ 
pRNFL 4.7 global0.1850.0470.7010.2740.938____
  1. BMO–MRW Bruch membrane opening–minimum rim width, LDF Linear discriminant function, pRNFL peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer
  2. statistically significant results with Bonferroni correction (p < 0.003)