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Table 2 Multiple logistic regression analysis of factors predicting surgical success (MH closed)

From: Frequently assessed and used prognostic factors for outcome after macular hole surgery: which is better?

Parameter Coefficient 95% CI p Sign. level
MLD 0.006 0.001678 to 0.01249 0.015 *
BD 0.002 -4.239e-005 to 0.005160 0.068 ns
H 0.001 −0.007413 to 0.008960 0.735 ns
Ar − 0.569 −8.378 to 3.570 0.835 ns
Cy < 0.001 −6.339e-005 to 0.0001567 0.407 ns
VA preop −0.231 −2.465 to 2.030 0.839 ns
  1. In multiple logistic regression analysis, only parameters with highly significant differences (min. p ≤ 0.01) between the MH closed and MH persisting groups were included, and macular hole indices were omitted due to multicollinearity/redundancy of the data. The aperture diameter was the strongest predictive factor for surgical success. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, MLD minimum linear diameter, BD base diameter, H max. Height, Ar area of MH, Cy area of pseudocysts, VA visual acuity; ns: not significant; *: p ≤ 0.05