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Table 2 Demographics and characteristics of intraocular NKTL patients

From: Extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma presenting as hypopyon panuveitis: a case report

Reported cases Age Sex Laterality Previous treatments VA* Presentations Orbital involvement Pathology/ cytology Treatment Death
Pre Post Local Systemic
Present study 43 F Unilateral Antibiotics, steroids FC LP§ Hypopyon panuveitis No Oral ulcer and cervical lymph node No SMILEII regimen Yes
2 Yr
Maruyama et al. [6] 66 F Unilateral Steroids HM** NA†† Posterior uveitis No Retina and vitreous IVT MTX‡‡/ irradia-tion SMILE regimen NA
Tagawa et al. [7] 50 F Bilateral Steroids 6/4.8, 6/12 NA Posterior uveitis, ERD§§, choroidal mass No Bone marrow Had not started the treatment Yes
1 Mo¶¶
Hughes et al. [4] 51 M*** Unilateral Steroids NA NA Panuveitis, ERD, scleritis No Nasal turbinate No SMILE regimen NA
Abedi et al. [5] 86 M Unilateral Antibiotics NPL††† Evisce-rated Panuveitis Yes Uvea Evisce-ration NA Yes
6 Wk‡‡‡
Okada et al. [1] 73 F Bilateral
(10 months apart)
Steroids, acyclovir 1st eye 6/30 NA Anterior uveitis,
2° OHT§§§
Yes Orbital mass Irradia-tion DeVIC¶¶¶ regimen, intrathecal MTX Alive at least 14 Mo
  2nd eye
6/6 Panuveitis No Vitreous No SMILE regimen
Zhang et al. [2] 55 F Bilateral Steroids, ganciclovir PL**** NA Panuveitis, ERD, Cd††††,
2° OHT
Peri-orbital Naso-pharynx No Yes Yes
1 Mo
Takimoto-Shimomura et al. [8] 70 F Unilateral NA 6/60 Improved Vitritis No Vitreous IVT MTX/ irradiation Modified SMILE Alive at least 40 Mo
  1. *VA visual acuity, female, FC finger counting, §LP light projection, IISMILE steroid (dexamethasone), methotrexate, ifosfamide, L-asparaginase, and etoposide, Yr year, **HM Hand movement, ††NA not applicable, ‡‡IVT MTX intravitreal methotrexate, §§ERD exudative retinal detachment, ¶¶Mo month, ***male, †††NPL no light perception, ‡‡‡Wk week, §§§OHT ocular hypertension, ¶¶¶DeVIC dexamethasone, ifosfamide, carboplatin, and etoposide, ****PL perception of light, ††††Cd choroidal detachment