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Table 1 Cases of conjunctival myeloid sarcoma included in the literature review until 2021

From: Relapsed acute myeloid leukemia presenting as conjunctival myeloid sarcoma: a case report

Author (Year) Sex/Age Laterality Location Clinical manifestation Treatment Outcome Follow-up
Font et al. (1985) [16] F/28 Bilateral Perilimbal Relapse CT + RT CR Disease free at 7 months
Lee et al.(1985) [17] M/57 Bilateral Palpebral, diffuse (giant papillary reaction) Initial manifestation NA NA NA
Mansour et al. (1985) [18] M/28 Bilateral Caruncular and diffuse palpebral mass Relapse NA NA NA
Tsumura et al. (1991) [19] F/29 Left Focal bulbar Relapse CT CR of conjunctival lesion Died at 2 months
Douglas et al. (2002) [20] F/42 Right Focal limbal Initial manifestation CT CR Disease free at 1 month
Fleckenstein et al. (2003) [21] F/73 Bilateral Diffuse bulbar Initial manifestation CT + RT CR Died at 5 months
Hong et al. (2011) [7] F/10 Right Focal bulbar Relapse CT + STC CR Disease free at 16 months
Meel et al. (2019) [4] F/28 Left Perilimbal Initial manifestation CT CR Disease free at 18 months
Current case (2021) M/50 Left Focal limbal and bulbar Relapse CT + RT, PBSCT CR Disease free at 3 years
  1. CR complete regression, CT Chemotherapy, NA Not available, PBSCT Peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, RT Radiotherapy, STC Stem cell transplantation