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Table 3 Responses to the questions regarding knowledge of glaucoma

From: Knowledge of glaucoma and associated factors among primary glaucoma patients in Kunming, China

Questions regarding knowledge of glaucoma Percentage (%)
1. Do you know what kind of eye disease you have? Yes (98.92) No (1.08)
2. What is glaucoma? Satisfactory (59.14) Unsatisfactory (40.86)
3. Can glaucoma be cured without visiting doctors? Yes (2.15) No (97.85)
4. What is normal intraocular pressure? Satisfactory (59.14) Unsatisfactory (40.86)
5. Does glaucoma cause blindness? Yes (98.92) No (1.08)
6. Why is the visual field measured? Satisfactory (38.71) Unsatisfactory (61.29)
7. Is it important to have glaucoma screening for your relatives? Yes (74.19) No (25.81)