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Table 1 Microorganisms and postinoculation time points tested in this protocol and required by EP-A and USP/JP [1113]

From: Effectiveness of ophthalmic solution preservatives: a comparison of latanoprost with 0.02% benzalkonium chloride and travoprost with the sofZia preservative system

Microorganisms included in all tests
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Candida albicans
Aspergillus brasiliensis
Escherichia coli*
Time points Protocol EP-A USP/JP
0 hour T T T
6 hours T T N
24 hours T T N
7 days T T (mold only) T
14 days T N T
28 days T T T
  1. JP: Japanese Pharmacopoeia; N: not included in test; T: included in test; USP: United States Pharmacopeia.
  2. *By European Pharmacopoeia-A (EP-A) standards, only required for oral products [11].