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Figure 3

From: A technique to train new oculomotor behavior in patients with central macular scotomas during reading related tasks using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy: immediate functional benefits and gains retention

Figure 3

The development of the combined use of initial PRL, examiner's selected TRL, and two new self-selected PRLs for reading isolated words – before and immediately after training. The figure shows, as seen on SLO images, two uninterrupted sequences of eye movements performed while attempting to decipher an isolated word presented in 1.3 logMAR. Recordings were obtained in subject LG (A) before SLO training and (B) immediately after SLO training. In each reading sequence images are numbered in chronological order. Previous to SLO training, the inability to perform eye movements to reach the end of the word "conscience" prevented reading. The subject therefore only read "con". Immediately following SLO training, LG adapted his reading strategies and was able to read entirely the word "révolte". The arrows indicate the position of the retinal areas being presumably employed: initial PRL (), examiner's selected TRL () and newly self-selected PRLs (). The examiner's selected TRL was consistently used combined with the initial PRL and/or with newly self-selected PRLs. Please note that, on the SLO image, an upside down inversion of the image allows the word and the presented reading strategies to be viewed normally.

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