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Figure 6

From: Protective effect of high concentration of BN52021 on retinal contusion in cat eyes

Figure 6

Hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining results of the cell layers in retina and anterior optic nerves. A, HE staining result of the cell layers in normal retina; B and C, HE staining results of retina in Group A and B administrated with normal saline and DMSO at 1 day after modeling, respectively; D, HE staining result of retina in Group E administrated with high concentration (5 g/L, 0.5 mL) of BN52021 at 7 days after modeling. E to G, HE staining results of anterior optic nerves in normal retina (E) and contusion retina at 4 h (F) and 7 days (G) after modeling. The arrows in Figure A-D indicate the ganglionic layers in the RNFL. A to D, original magnification × 400. E to G, original magnification × 100.

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