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Table 5 Demographic Characteristics of Interviewed Glaucoma Patients

From: Readability of patient education materials in ophthalmology: a single-institution study and systematic review

Subject ID Age Gender Race/Ethnicity Eye Conditions History of Eye Surgery Highest Degree First Language REALM-SF Score
S1 47 Male Latino/Chicano Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy Yes Some high school Spanish 4th-6th grade level
S2 70 Male White/European-American Glaucoma, cataracts No College degree English ≥ 9th grade level
S3 31 Male White/European-American Ocular hypertension No College degree English ≥ 9th grade level
S4 66 Female White/European-American Glaucoma, cataracts No Not reported English ≥ 9th grade level
S5 75 Female White/European-American Glaucoma, cataracts Yes Some college English ≥ 9th grade level
  1. REALM-SF Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine—Short Form